To provide users uninterrupted services, all the non-recurring packages (Quarterly, Yearly and Half-yearly packages) would be converted into respective duration packages after package validity expiration. If any User does not want to continue after expiration of the non-recurring package, he/she would have to call YuppTV customer support and request for cancellation of the respective package. Any such cancellation request from the User will have to be made within 30 days from receipt of notice of such extension/renewal, post which the Company shall take at least 15 business days to process the same. In such cases, amount charged on card for the respective package would be refunded to the User's respective payment method. In case the User makes such cancellation request post the above said 30 days, the amount shall be refunded on a pro rata basis.

If User fails to confirm cancellation within the above said timeline, amount for respective duration package would be charged on the credit card/ Debit Card / PayPal and services will continue on that User Account.